High School English

When I went to college, I quickly found that the high school English classes I took were not normal. My professors in college were never content with my writing (nor should they have been; I was–and still am–paying them to help me improve!) but were consistently surprised at some of the material my high school… Read More High School English


Living Books vs. Twaddle

When I first started researching homeschool curricula, I encountered Charlotte Mason. I remembered hearing about her philosophy from a friend a year or two before, so I read a book about her concept (though admittedly I’ve learned since that many CM adherents prefer her own writings, which makes sense) and later found a site for… Read More Living Books vs. Twaddle


Why Homeschool?

As a college student on my way to becoming a teacher, I sure wasn’t going to homeschool my own kids. In fact, not only did I think most homeschooling parents were probably crazy, I knew they weren’t qualified to do their jobs. Fast-forward to having a couple years of teaching experience behind me, plenty of… Read More Why Homeschool?